How can I say the words The words true to my heart
When my mouth is filled with pain
Cause my tongue is verbally retarded
I tried to express how I feel
The signs of this language
Make it hard to comprehend
And the disappointment in your face
Tears my soul apart
Piece by piece I shatter
Like broken glass
Impact with the floor
Cluttered in the corner
Discarded because of nonsense rambling
If I could speak my true words
They would probably be filled with nothing
Shallow glimpses of emotion
Wrapped in monotone foil
Lackluster and frail
I'll never understand
Never comprehend
Never fathom, never ponder
Why my words are useless
Never useful, never helping
But now you've left me; lonesome
Because I couldn't speak
Darkness is becoming
Loneliness; a friend to me
I wish I could have kept you
Had you hold me safe and never slip
Be my hero, as I am yours
Be my faith
My smile
Mine forever
Now I spill my words
My emotions from this pen
To the paper and not your heart
I am not a friend of love
It doesn't like me and never did
It seems I'll always be alone
I'm a true enemy to myself
Single, because my words fail me
Never spoken right, or spoken at all
If I had one last chance
I know that I would fail
My heart blackened from despair
Depression hell hole for a soul
Never to chance, the risk
I didn't try hard enough to speak
Because words are poor indicators
Of what you meant to me
You were filled with life
My opposite as I am filled with death
The sun seemed to rise upon your soul
Yet again for mine it set
Fate and irony played
Their cruel depression game
Leaving me loveless
Lifeless and alone
I just wish to see your face
If you were here
I'd try to speak
Try to spill emotion from this blackened heart
Three simple words I would say
I would say
I love...

Cassie Pertiet 02/03