{Kappa-Epsilon-Phi-Alpha-Lambda-Eta Epsilon}

That is not which is.
The only Word is Silence.
The only Meaning of that Word is not.
Thoughts are false.
Fatherhood is unity disguised as duality.
Peace implies war.
Power implies war.
Harmony implies war.
Victory implies war.
Glory implies war.
Foundation implies war.
Alas! for the Kingdom wherein all these are at war.

COMMENTARY ({Epsilon})

He is the letter of Aries, a Martial sign; while the
title suggests war. The ants are chosen as small busy
Yet He, being a holy letter, raises the beginning of the
chapter to a contemplation of the Pentagram, con-
sidered as a glyph of the ultimate.
In line 1, Being is identified with Not-Being.
In line 2, Speech with Silence.
In line 3, the Logos is declared as the Negative.
Line 4 is another phrasing of the familiar Hindu
statement, that that which can be thought is not true.
In line 5, we come to an important statement, an
adumbration of the most daring thesis in this book-
Father and Son are not really two, but one; their unity
being the Holy Ghost, the semen; the human form is a
non-essential accretion of this quintessence.
So far the chapter has followed the Sephiroth from
Kether to Chesed, and Chesed is united to the Supernal
Triad by virtue of its Phallic nature; for not only is
Amoun a Phallic God, and Jupiter the Father of All,
but 4 is Daleth, Venus, and Chesed refers to water,
from which Venus sprang, and which is the symbol of
the Mother in the Tetragrammaton. See Chapter 0,
"God the Father and Mother is concealed in genera-
But Chesed, in the lower sense, is conjoined to
Microprosopus. It is the true link between the greater
and lesser countenances, whereas Daath is the false.
Compare the doctrine of the higher and lower Manas in
The rest of the chapter therefor points out the duality,
and therefore the imperfection, of all the lower Sephiroth
in their essence.