bpcb1in The Black Panther Coloring Book

This was found at Fresno City College (Fresno, California) in the Spring of 1993. It was in a hall closet that we being used for storage (in a past life had been an old Ma Bell Phone Booth). This BPCB is at least 2nd generation, the copy is on what seems to be old mimeograph paper (much like thick fax paper). It was in a file cabinet with records of clubs and organizations that were active on campus during the late 1960's and the early 1970's.

bpcb2inThe Black Man in Africa had strong warriors and beautiful cities.

bpcb3in The White Man wanted the Riches of the Black Man. They came with guns and force and took them.

bpcb4in They made slaves of the beautiful Black warriors and brought them to America.

bpcb5in Black Mothers and Fathers were taken from each other and sold to the White Man.

bpcb6in The strong Black Man didn't like being a slave so he fought the White Man back.

bpcb7in Nat Turner, a strong slave, shows the Black Man not to fear the White slave owner.

bpcb8in "Off the Pig" beautiful Black Men!

bpcb9in This is a Pig. He trys to control Black people.

bpcb10in The Pig trys to protect the White stores in Black communities that rob Black people.

bpcb11in Black Brothers are tired of the White Man in Black communities.

bpcb12in Huey P. Newton, leader of the Black Panther Party, organized the Black Brothers to defend their families.

bpcb13in Black Brothers protect Black children.

bpcb14in Brothers and Sisters deal with the White store owner that robs Black people.

bpcb15in The brave Black Panther defends his family.

bpcb16in "Beware of the Pig," Brothers and Sisters.

bpcb17in The Junior Panther defends his Mother.

bpcb18in The Pig is afraid of the Black Man. He strikes out against little children.

bpcb19in The Black Panther thinks and loves Black people.

bpcb20in The only good Pig, is a dead Pig.

bpcb21in The Pig is afraid of Black children because they are brave warriors.

bpcb22in Power comes through the barrel of a gun.

bpcb23in The Pig is running away from Black people, "Run Pig Run."